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Q: What are your hours?
A: We are open seven days a week from 9 AM - 9 PM, rain or shine, centrally located in Orange County.

Q: How do I bid?
A: All cars available for sale are listed on our Bid Online site 24/7. The online auction runs from Monday morning to Sunday evening. During the auction period, you can either bid online, or come in and submit a silent bid in person. You can also bid at one of our live auctions, held on Sundays at 12 noon and Wednesday nights at 7pm. Be sure to read the Terms of Sale prior to bidding so you know the additional fees involved.

Q: Where do you get your cars from?
A: These vehicles are previously owned lease returns, bank owned, seizures and consignments that are available for immediate liquidation.

Q: Do the cars come with warranties?
A: All vehicles come with a limited warranty for 3 months or 3,000 miles. For an additional cost, a longer (12 months to 5 years) extended warranty / service contract may be purchased at the time of sale. Extended warranties and service contracts from 12 months to five years are available for all vehicles at a much lower rate than traditional plans.

Q: How can you offer so many cars for sale at such low prices?
A: We sell thousands of pre-owned vehicles each year, and many more than a traditional dealership. Our huge buying power and close relationship with banks, finance companies, auctions, and wholesalers, allow us to pass on the savings to you. A traditional dealer needs to make a substantial profit on pre-owned cars just to pay their overhead. Public Motors keeps its overhead low and sells in high volume so that you get the ultimate benefit.

Q: What kinds of makes and models do you carry?
A: We inventory a large selection of quality cars, SUVs, trucks and vans. We only offer vehicle makes and models that are popular, and have solid reputations for quality and reliability. We mix our inventory so that there is something for everybody. Whether you're looking to make a small investment in an economy car or a larger investment in a luxury model, we have something for you. As an example, we carry an extensive inventory of Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai and Kia, as well as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo, Lexus, Acura, Infiniti, Range Rover and Jaguar. We also offer many quality domestic vehicles including Ford, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep.

Q: What are my advantages buying from Public Motors?
A: Public Motors offers you quality cars, trucks, SUVs and vans, at huge savings and at substantially lower prices than at a traditional dealer. Because of our large buying power, and volume selling, you receive savings unimagined at most dealerships.

Q: Do you have vehicle history information on the cars you sell?
A: All cars are displayed with an AUTOCHECK vehicle history report. AUTOCHECK provides important history on a vehicle including the car's origination, how many registered owners, title, reported accidents, and other historical information.

Q: Are the cars checked out prior to sale?
A: Prior to being offered for sale, we carefully inspect and check-out every vehicle. All vehicles are thoroughly detailed inside and out, receive mechanical and safety inspections, and are smog certified.

Q: Do you finance purchases?
A: We offer competitive financing, subject to your credit history. To apply online and get pre-approved in seconds, go to our finance page.

Q: How do I register my vehicle?
A: For your convenience, we complete all the necessary paper work, including DMV registration and transfer forms. Title and Registration will be mailed to you within 60-90 days directly from the DMV. Public Motors provides you with a temporary registration, which is valid for 180 days. You must be at least 18 years of age to enter a vehicle purchase contract, and a physical address is required for DMV registration - no P.O boxes can be accepted.

Q: How can I pay for my vehicle?
A: An $850 deposit is required at the time of the sale. You must pay off your purchase within 48 hours from the time and date of the sale. Public Motors accepts cash, cashier's checks, cashier's check issued by credit unions, money orders, traveler's checks, and most credit cards including MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express. Personal checks are accepted subject to credit approval.
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